Ahoy! I'm a full stack backend-leaning software developer based in Denver, Coloardo. I occasionally post random things here -- usually about projects or blogs about code.

Aug 9 2019

Yesterday I started writing my first song in thirteen years.

This guitar is a 1987 Japanese Fender Stratocaster Squier

This guitar is an E-Series 1987 Japanese Fender Stratocaster Squier. I didn’t know most of that until a month ago. At thirteen, I got it from a pawn shop in small Texas town. It was my...

Jul 3 2019

The introduction of iPadOS looked promising enough for me to consider replacing more of the work I do on my Arch on my laptop. I’m not interested in deprecating a laptop that I love, but offloading more simple tasks to other, more mobile, devices appeals...

Aug 29 2018

Oh, snap. Look! I had already refactored this controller quite a lot, but then I did this. So satisfying.

image of readable one-liner in ruby controller rails

Aug 8 2018


One of the things I see most on job descriptions, brought up in interviews, and thrown around in general programming discussion is Test Driven Development. For the most part, everyone understands how the methology works and how to implement it...

Jul 1 2018

I’ve been learning to fish. I’ve learned this is, in fact, not how it works.

It turns out that there's more to fishing than buying a pole

Feb 26 2018

I’ve ditched hosting the new static site on AWS S3. It’s mostly an impatient thing, but I’ve also seen odd metrics between the AWS S3 analytics and Google Analytics.

AWS S3 is insanely reliable, but it also publishes page changes on a cache timer...

Dec 18 2017

It’s getting cold leading up to Christmas.

Denver weather for Christmas 2017

This post is really just a test to see how long it takes Cloudfront to automatically expire the S3 cache and distribute new content.

Dec 17 2017

I’ve finally completed the move from Jeykll to Middleman, and migrated the old blog to cooksey.io on AWS S3.

I’ve started to fill out the landing page, but it was a little embarrassing that I still hadn’t set up SSL. You might say, why do you care...

Nov 23 2017

From Jeylkk to Middleman

Welp, I’ve been using Jeykll for quite a long time now, but I find it just doesn’t have enough flexibility for me to actually keep it updated.

Today I am hoping that changes. I’m migrating blog.cooksey.io to cooksey.io and...